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At Chris’ office, he will work diligently on your case to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries or losses. If after investigation and/or litigation, a settlement cannot be reached, then Chris is prepared to go to trial on your case before a jury of your peers. Every persons’ case is different and results are case-specific according to the facts discovered and presented for prosecution. If you are interested in reviewing some of the settlements and verdicts obtained for Chris’ personal injury and wrongful death clients, please refer to the list below.

Notice: (Chris’ criminal case results are not listed in this section. Chris has found that people who have been charged with a crime would prefer that the results and dispositions of their case not be published online, even when there was a favorable outcome. Out of respect for client privacy, the details of those cases are not published online. Contact Chris directly to discuss the facts of your criminal case and Chris’ past experiences similar to your’s or your loved one’s case.)


54 year old woman was a passenger on a motorcycle in Plant City, Fl. A migrant worker, who had his license suspended for DUI, ran a stop sign causing the motorcycle, which had the right of way, to collide with the migrant worker’s vehicle. The at fault driver had $10,000.00 of insurance. Bad faith was an issue. Case settled at mediation for $315,000.00

​ 25 year old, married, father of 2, was riding his motorcycle east bound on SR 60 in Polk County, Fl. A fishing equipment truck made a left turn in front of him causing him to collide with the trailer. The motorcycle driver died at the scene. Jury verdict $4,750,000.00 53 year old woman was a passenger on a motorcycle in Lakeland, Fl. A teenager clipped the left side of the motorcycle damaging the woman’s leg. Teenager had a $10,000.00 insurance policy. Case settled during trial for $825,000.00

40 year old male, married, father of 3, was riding his motorcycle North bound on Mac Dill Ave. in Hillsborough County, Fl. A negligent driver violated his right of way causing a collision which ejected the motorcycle driver. Fractured wrist, and aggravated a previous leg injury. Case settled pre-suit for $282,586.00


Client was operating a vehicle when he was hit from behind by a tree trimming truck. Client seat collapsed aggravating a previous back condition. Case settled at mediation for $400,000.00

5 year old minor was playing chicken with cars on a highway in Hillsborough County, Fl. He ran out in front of a vehicle which struck him. Child suffered a serious brain injury. There were allegations of negligent supervision, and comparative negligence by the child’s mother. Case settled for $2,140,000.00

Client was driving her car an involved in multi vehicle automobile accident where a fully loaded semi-tractor trailer caused the accident. Client suffered suffered from migraines, TMJ, Cervical strain with radiculopathy, disc bulges at C5-6 and C6-7, lumbar strain, a herniated nucleus pulposus at L5-S1 and a disc bulge at L4-5, and an injury to their right knee. Case settled at mediation for $185,000.00

Client involved in automobile accident leaving work. Suffered from whiplash and an aggravation of a preexisting condition. Case settled for $57,473.00​

Client was driver who was rear ended with enough force that it caused the driver’s seat to break off its anchors and also broke the accelerator of his vehicle. At-fault party was insolvent. Case settled for insurance policy limits plus the property damages for the vehicle and its contents.


Client was at a night club in Hillsborough County Florida when he was assaulted by other patrons in the parking lot. Client had his front teeth knocked out and broke his jaw. His mouth had to be wired shut and he was placed in braces. Client fully recovered. Foreseeability and Liability by the night club and property owners was contested. Case settled prior to trial for $167,750.00

47 year old male handyman/subcontractor in Manatee County, Florida fell when pool structure he was working on top of collapsed due to rotting wood frame. Client sustained a compound fracture of the ankle requiring surgery. Jury Verdict $200,000.00


Client slipped on liquid at a convenience store and broke her wrist. Case settled prior to trial for $30,000.00


Client was an employee of a telecommunications company in Atlanta, Ga. He attended a company meeting where sandwiches were catered by a prominent restaurant and caterer. The sandwich maker at the caterer had Hepatitis, and infected 6 participants at the luncheon. Our client suffered liver and kidney failure, and was hospitalized. Client fully recovered within 9 months. Case settled during trial in Fulton County, Ga. for $890,000.00

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