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Drug Cases

Possession Marijuana, Possession Controlled Substance, Drug Dealing, Drug Trafficking and Doctor Shopping.

Drug crimes include possession, possession with the intent to deliver, drug trafficking, drug paraphernalia charges, drug cultivation, drug manufacturing, drug delivery and other drug related crimes. Many drug cases begin with a search conducted by law enforcement. These searches must be based on probable cause or consent Sometimes, law enforcement officers use confidential informants to gather information and make arrests and also use these informants to support applications for search warrants to search a defendant’s residence. Chris Abdoney is experienced in analyzing search warrants and search and seizure issues in defending drug cases. Chris Abdoney represents people who have been accused of drug crimes in the Tampa Bay Area. If you or somebody you know have been charged with a drug crime in Tampa or the Tampa Bay Area you owe it to yourself to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney who is experienced in drug cases. Chris will investigate and try to resolve your case without the harsh penalties which may include minimum mandatory prison sentences and the suspension of your driver’s license.

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