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Beginning January 1, 2013 an important change occurred with regard to Florida’s PIP law. As of that date, individuals injured in car accidents will have only 14 days to seek initial treatment as opposed to the previous policy that placed no time limit on treatments. If treatment is sought two weeks after the accident, your PIP insurance coverage will not be honored by the insurance company. Further, depending on how your injuries are classified by the insurance company, you may be eligible for only $2,500 in PIP coverage, as opposed to the previous limit of $10,000. It is important for you to immediately contact an attorney to discuss your contractual rights under your PIP coverage. Unfortunately, this 14-day window for injured motorists to seek medical treatment is sometime overlooked and those injured in and automobile accident may not use their required PIP coverage as compensation for their injuries and damages. It is imperative for those injured in auto accidents to contact an experienced automobile accident attorney immediately after the accident to protect your rights. Chris Abdoney is experienced in handling PIP coverage matters in the Tampa Bay area.


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